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Super WOW Fast Food.

We’ve changed the fast food experience to meet the needs of mankind. We toss all the bad parts out and reverse engineered the best parts to recreate something so much better. 

Our Birth

How many times can you recall the best moments of your life? Very few right? That is because in reality, we experience more negative emotions than positive ones. Sounds a bit crazy, but it's true. 

Our purpose was simple, to help everyone sustain a positive emotion  by offering a  better lifestyle through food, service, and those once in a lifetime memories that is captured.

Pokii Eatery is the first concept of it's kind to introduce a little bit of phscyology, a little bit of art, and a whole lot of love into the world of fast-casual restaurant.


The Anatomy

When it comes creating personality in our food, we depend on uniqueness. To make it happen, we focused on the details.





Slicing and dicing every ingredient.

Sunrise to sundown, our skilled team uses innovative cooking techniques on the freshest sourced fishes and produce that are delivered to Pokii Eatery daily.

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