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February 10, 2017
Salmon, Ahi Tuna, Houston Poke, Big Kahuna

Local food lover Kerin Mayne posted about a new poke restaurant that opened recently in West Houston. Pokii Eatery, 12153 Katy Freeway, plans a grand opening for Saturday, February 18. Owner Steven Au told the Press that the restaurant will be celebrating with a live Dragon Dance at the event. Similar to other poke shops that just opened in Houston, Pokii Eatery offers customizable bowls, allowing diners to choose the type of fish/protein, sauce and toppings. Pokii also offers six signature bowls and includes scallop, cooked octopus and shrimp tempura, which sets them apart from other poke joints. The menu also features a poke burrito call the “pokiiritto.”​

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